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Summer to Fall Beers

It’s that confusing, transitional time of year: do we still want to drink summery beers, like crisp goses, tart berliner weisses, tangy fruit beers, and funky farmhouse ales?

Or do we want to get Oktoberfest started with some hearty German and German-style beers?

However you feel this weekend, we’ve got lots of great options for you!

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Labor Day Holiday Hours

We will be closed on Monday, September 5 in honor of Labor Day. We’ll be open regular hours the rest of the weekend, so drop in early for your BBQ beer, cheese and snack needs!

And don’t forget – Eastern District party platters start at $45 and require a 48-hour lead time. If you want us to make it fancy for you this weekend, place your order today!

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Some New Favorites

Sloop Brewing is located 2 hours north of NYC, and operates in an old Dutch barn within an apple orchard. A couple months ago you may have enjoyed their excellent sour peach and raspberry beers, briefly available in cans. We just tapped a Sloop beer we like even better: Confliction, a dry hopped sour that’s intensely citrusy, lactic and refreshing. Dust off your growler and bring it in for some weekend Confliction!

Another must-try right now: Humble, the chubby, custardy raw cow milk cheese from Vermont’s Parish Hill Creamery. Right now the interior tastes gently of sour cream, while the earthy, cider-washed rind has a stronger bite. It’s delicious as a table cheese or on a ham sandwich with spicy mustard.

Would we taste these together? Not necessarily. Sour beers tend to bring out the bitterness in washed rind cheeses, so I prefer sours with a fresh cheese like ricotta or burrata. A maltier brew would taste great with the Humble, like Evil Twin Wet Dream or Maui Brewing Coconut Porter.

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Fall CSA Discount Codes

It’s time to sign up for the Fall CSA (community-supported agriculture) season from Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op – and if you sign up by August 7 you can get the Early Bird discount!

For 8 weeks this fall, LFFC will deliver fresh, organic vegetables, fruit, eggs and meat for pick-up at Eastern District.

For details, and to sign up, visit http://lancasterfarmfresh.com

Use the discount code “15largefall16″ for $15 off your Large Fall Veggie CSA

Or use “10mediumfall16″ for $10 off your Medium Fall Veggie CSA.

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Sheep Milk Cheese Tasting with Landmark Creamery on Saturday

Drop in on Saturday, June 25 between 3-5 PM for a FREE tasting with the owner of Wisconsin’s Landmark Creamery, Anna Thomas Bates! Anna and her team work with these lovely sheep to create Anabasque, a delicious aged cheese inspired by the Pyrenees. It’s a staff favorite that we look forward to sharing with you!

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Collaboration Celebration

It’s always fun to see our favorite small beer and food producers working together – they inspire each other, and us, with their unique ideas and recipes. We have a few great new examples in house now:

We’re currently carrying a limited edition version of Bufarolo, the water buffalo milk cheese made by Quattro Portoni in Italy and aged at Crown Finish Caves in Brooklyn. This batch is a 3-way collaboration: Quattro Portoni makes the cheese, which is shipped fresh to Brooklyn, where Crown Finish washes the cheese in Transmitter Brewing’s crisp S1 Saison, and ages it in their caves below the streets of Crown Heights. The result is a funky, semi-soft cheese with a creamy, sweet, mild interior, and a sticky, aromatic, flavorful rind. It’s fun to taste this cheese paired with the beer it was washed in (also in stock now), but we think it pairs even better with a richer, darker beer like Transmitter’s B5 Stout.

VT99 Meats is the brainchild of the cheese makers at Jasper Hill and the neighboring produce farmers at Pete’s Greens. They have been raising heritage breed pigs on their farmland, in rotation with vegetable and hay crops, feeding them the by-products of their main businesses: whey and scraps of cheese and veggies. The result is a rich, sweet-tasting pork, which the salumi crafters from Charlito’s Cocina convert into a simple, luscious, dry-aged salami.

In the beer department, New Jersey’s Carton and Long Island’s Barrier have collaborated on a hoppy cream ale christened SS-CREAM and inspired by the breweries’ Boat and Money ales, respectively. It’s a deceptively strong dry-hopped beer that drinks more like an IPA than a cream ale, and is suitably refreshing for a long, hot weekend.

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A Few of Our Favorite New Things

Have you tried the Sur series of ales from Danish gypsy brewers To 0l yet? If not, it’s time to get on it! Each of these gently sour pale ales is dry-hopped with a different hop variety. The results are crisp and intriguing – yes, these beers taste as good as the cans look.

We’ve just added another great NY State cheese to our collection: Tumbleweed is a raw, cow milk cross between cheddar and French Cantal, creamy and crumbly with a tiny bite to it. It’s handmade in small batches by 5 Spoke Creamery, located just an hour north of the city in Goshen – and it will taste great melted on some burgers this weekend!

New to the charcuterie department: Lonza from Minnesota’s Red Table Meat Co. A sliceable, dry-cured meat with some resemblance to coppa, it’s cut from the pork loin and lightly seasoned with rosemary, bay leaf and black pepper. Its savory flavors taste great on a sandwich or a cheese board, or served with ripe summer fruit.

We hope some of these delicious items make it to your picnics, BBQs, and roof hangs this Memorial Day – have a great weekend!

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New Things for Spring

Spring is in the air! Drop in for our ready-made “little cheese plates” to take on a picnic, or call ahead to order party platters for your next rooftop hang-out.


We’ve got some new cheese friends in our case these days. Cabri Cafe is made by La Fermiere de Mean in Maffe, Belgium. Creamy and funky in classic Trappist style, this raw goat milk cheese departs from tradition: rather than being washed in beer as it ages, it is rubbed in ground coffee. It’s a surprising and delicious flavor combo.

The latest addition from Vermont’s Lazy Lady Farm also has a little something extra going on in the rind department. Snyderbrook is a tangy, semi-soft, pasteurized cow milk cheese is washed in vodka and amaretto, giving the toothsome rind a spicy/herbal and earthy flavor.


It’s been a while since we’ve been excited about any wit beers, so it’s great to have two that we’re way into. Wits are a traditional Belgian style, brewed with wheat, light in color, and cloudy with yeast. Both the Quebecois Dieu du Ciel and the Dutch Jopen versions feature complex malt blends and light touches of traditional coriander and curaƧao citrus zest.

Craft brewery collaborations are happening right and left, with fruitful and intriguing results. Just a few of the collaborative bottles in stock now: a spicy, citrusy Red IPA from Heavy Seas and Maine; a tart cranberry gose from Transmitter and The Willows; and a strong, slightly sour blend from De Proef and Hair of the Dog.


If your more in the mood for some cocktails on the fire escape, we’ve got everything you need to pair with your spirits from Duke’s Liquor Box: bitters, sodas, cherries, and some new syrups from Blank Slate Kitchen. BSK uses all organic tropical ingredients to create versatile flavors like palm sugar, bird’s eye chili and black pepper.


It’s time to sign up for the Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op CSA! For 26 weeks LFFC will be making weekly deliveries of vegetables, fruit, meat, chicken, eggs, herbs and flowers to pick up at Eastern District. Our summer subscriptions will sell out soon, so don’t wait to sign up! Go to http://www.lancasterfarmfresh.com/ for details and to sign up.

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New Beer and Cheese for the Super Bowl and Beyond

We’ve got all the snacks and beverages you need for game night! Contact us today to order a custom party platter to pick up on Sunday ($8 per person/$40 minimum), or drop in any time and we’ll help you select some great meats and cheeses to share with friends. (Order in person or via info@easterndistrictny.com/718-349-1432)

Don’t forget a couple growlers of beer – or some of the new cans and bottles in our collection. Maui Brewing CoCoNut Porter has just recently made it to the East Coast, and it’s giving us a warm feeling with its roasty, not-too-sweet coconut blend. The Victory Brewing 20th Anniversary Experimental IPA is a brightly flavored session ale with aromas of citrus and pine. If you prefer your IPAs on the stronger side, Captain Lawrence’s Palate Shifter is a full-on imperial IPA, balancing hop-bomb bitterness with a bit more malt. And Bell’s Smitten Golden Rye Ale heralds spring with a spicy but smooth flavor.

Recommended cheeses for that cheese plate: We’re welcoming back West West Blue from Vermont’s Parish Hill Creamery – this wheel is from the first batch of the year. Parish Hill hand makes all their cheeses from raw cow milk, using traditional techniques. This gorgonzola-style blue is made from two separate batches of curds for a multilayered flavor and texture combo: peppery and crumbly at the center, smooth and creamy towards the rind. Parish Hill also makes Reverie Reserve, a firm and crystalline aged cheese with notes of butter, hazelnuts and fresh chives.

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Valentines Day Sweets

New at Eastern District and fit for your sweetheart or anyone who deserves a treat: Cacao Prieto chocolate bars are made in Red Hook, Brooklyn with cacao from the owner’s family farm in the Dominican Republic. Each 70% dark chocolate bar is subtly flavored, some with coffee & sea salt, others with vanilla & cassia or mandarin & bergamot.

We’ve also got plenty of other chocolate and candies in stock, for sweet teeth of every type!

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